Control system of compounding system

Process control system

Provide control for various process, including bio-pharmaceuticals, active pharmaceutical ingredients, Chinese medicine extraction, preparations, etc. Achieve control of batch production, such as harvest, purification and preparation of biopharmaceutical process; fermentation, extraction, synthesis, refining and solvent recovery of API; extraction, enrichment and separation of traditional Chinese medicine; all kinds of whole process control for dosing, mixing and homogenization, fixing capacity, airtight transmission and filling of all preparations.

CIP/SIP control system


Provide CIP/SIP unit control system of compounding system, link with compounding system and accept request from it, set operating parameters and cleaning fluid recipe, and provide appropriate cleaning flow and pressure.

Pharmaceutical industry weighing solutions

Such as automatical weighing, compounding and mixing for solid materials and powder of large volume injection preparation system; fixing volume for all kinds of sterile compounding process; set operation program and recipe parameters according to process requirements; realize electronic records/signature for critical parameters, which conform with automatic control requirements of national and international GMP.

Almost all types and dosage forms of compounding process uses automatic weighing system; according to process requirements, we choose appropriate weighing module to satisfy requirements of process weighing and reduce process error; also it supports automatically recording weighing data and forming report.

DCS system

It is a solution for APIs synthesis process control based on concept of Batch, and it supports decentralized control of APIs synthesis process: such as menstruum dissolved solid or liquid materials. It allows independently control of each process, such as obtaining target objects by chemical reaction under certain conditions, separating target objects through extraction, chromatography, filtration, centrifugation and further purification. 

The whole process is full of complex reaction control, extremely strict conditions, strict management of recipe and batch. We use DCS + Batch system to achieve safe and reliable automatic control for APIs synthesis process.