• Compounding System Module

    Service scope:
    Oral liquid compounding system 、Sterile compounding system 、Extraction compounding system、Cream and eye ointment compounding system、CIP system 、Bioengineering

  • Purified Water Generation

    Service scope:
    Pre-treatment system、UF system、Double-stage RO system、Single-stage RO+EDI systemDouble-stage RO+EDI system、Residual chlorine removal UV system 

    Features of Ideal PW generation system 

    1. Strict flow balance calculation and equipment selection, which can guarantee overall balance of equipment operation.

    2. Modular production structure is reasonable and compact, covering small area and with short construction time. 

    3. Professional design software for equipment piping can automatically generate pipe isometric drawings and bill of materials. 

    4. Each equipment unit is designed with corresponding inhibiting microbial growth plan. 

    5. Mode of internal circulation can effectively prevent growing of microorganism, and provide short restart response time. 

    The whole system runs full-automatically. Variety of operating mode is set to meet different production requirements.

  • Sanitary Piping System

    Storage and distribution of PW and WFI is very important in pharmaceutical process, which directly affect the quality of pharmaceutical production. In the design of storage and distribution, Ideal provides the most reasonable distribution and disinfection scheme according to real demands of clients. With design characteristics, we reduce risk of pollution as much as possible with the most reasonable cost.

    Distribution method:

    Hot storage and distribution
    Room temperature storage and distribution
    Single-tank parallel circuits
    Minor circulation for cooling treatment of use points 
    Ozone treatment for storage and distribution 

  • Automatic Control System

  • Distilled Water Machine

  • Pure Steam Generator

  • Pressured Container

  • Heat Exchanger and Electric heater

  • Validation Service

    Ideal sets up a specialized validation service team, which is in charge of validation work of pharmaceutical water equipment, preparation process system and clean pipe distribution system.