Company Culture

一、Corporate vision:

Strive to become world-class clean system engineering company.

二、Corporate tenet:

Constantly strive for excellence, make best quality products and provide most sincere service.

三、Corporate spirit:

“Solidarity, mutual assistance, transcendence, innovation, persistence, leap”


A little drop of water can never to be dry only when it admits itself in the sea, a person can be full of strength only when he puts himself into his group.

Mutual assistance:

The time isn't as important as the terrain; but the terrain isn't as important as unity with the people. One strand of silk doesn't make a thread; one tree doesn't make a forest.


The journey of life is full of ups and downs, and life is also formulated by laughter and tears, just like characters in movie. No matter leading role, supporting role or extras, who can challenge difficulties and go beyond themselves, is the one understanding true meaning of life.


Innovation requires certain inspiration, which is not innate, but from long-term accumulation and full commitment. There would be no innovation without accumulation.


Challenging life needs spirit of perseverance, struggle, failure, struggle again, fail again, then struggle again...til final success, which is general rule of success.


Dream will never come true with words, action is the key. The world extends as far as the heart goes.

四、Corporate idea of core value:

Innovative, professional, efficient, active, faithful