Double-stage RO+EDI system

Adopting double-stage RO+EDI system as terminal processing of PW generation system, produced water will only be slightly affected by fluctuation of raw water quality. Quality of produced water is stable and highly above requirements of Pharmacopoeia.

Design of Ideal double-stage RO+EDI system process is reasonable, and chemical, hot water disinfection can be chosen.

Design of internal circulation allows system in low flow running state under the condition of no water demands, avoids risk of growing microorganism during downtime and provides short restart response time. 

The whole system is divided into separate modules, covering small area and with short construction time. 

Design of system assembling adopts professional software, which can automatically generate bill of materials and isometric drawings. Equipment layout and piping structure is reasonable and convenient for operation and maintenance.

The system is fully automatic operation. Variety of operating mode is set to meet different production requirements.